I had the braces on for only five and a half months, unlike three years likes I was told at other offices. Im very pleased with the results.
I've never smiled without being self conscious in forty years.
I've always hated my smile and straight, white teeth on me is a dream come true!
You and your staff have been my make a wish!
My main concern when I came in was the misalignment of my teeth; I was always self conscious when I smiled. It's been about five months since my first visit and my teeth are perfectly straight. I'll have to get used to smiling showing my teeth.
I know nothing else could have made me happier.
It was cheaper than my daughter's braces and much faster.
I am very pleased with my teeth and it only took six months!
I had some teeth that were hurting and I had some big spaces. Since then my cavities have been filled and my spaces have been closed.
I was a mess before coming here! I now feel that I'm on the right track to superior dental health.

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