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Thomas Claesen

Thomas Claesen

Thomas started his career is Stockholm, Sweden as a Certified Dental Technician, graduating from TandteknikerskolanGrantorp. With over 30 years experience across a variety of areas in Dental Technology, and Laboratory Management, Thomas owns and manages Middle East Dental Laboratory in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. MDent one of the biggest laboratories in the region, is well know for its quality and customer service. Thomas has attended many training programs, and regularly keeps up to date attending courses and conferences both locally and abroad. He has presented at many dental conferences and training programs across many countries supporting Doctors and Technician's. alike. A passionate supporter of Inman aligners, he received his Inman Aligner training with Mr. Don Inman in Florida. He now supports the delivery of many Inman Aligner Courses and the manufacturing of Inman Aligner and ClearSmile Aligner across the Middle East, Africa and India.

Paolo Zuppa

Paolo Enrico Zuppa was born on 18th January 1956. In 1981 he graduated with honors from Medical University and then, in 1984, he attended the Dental University, both located in Genoa.

After that, he earned lot of Master’s Degrees, in particular :

  • Orthodontic Edgewise Technique, with Prof. Roger X. O’Meyer
  • Dental Intrusion, with Prof. N.M. Cetlin
  • Postural Orthodontic, with Prof. M. Korn
  • Lingual Orthodontics, with Prof. R. Maijer

He is an active member of SIDO and SICOI.

During his bright career he was also interested in Oral Surgery and Implantology , Periodontology and Prosthodontics; for these reasons his clinical activities are not limited to the sphere of Orthodontic.

Other courses, seminars and conferences followed, given by teachers such as: Prof. G. Marino, Prof. M. Martignoni (Prosthodontics), Prof. M. Meffert , Prof. J. Kent , Dott. M. Chiapasco, Dott. L.O.A. Comargo (Advanced Surgical Course In Dental Implant); Dott. C. Tinti, Dott.ssa S. Parma Benfenati (Periodontology).

Since 2011 he is a Professor of Instrumental Diagnosticsat the Dental University of Genoa.

He is a guest speaker at all the principal national and international conferences on Inman Aligner System.

Marcus Claesen

Marcus started his career within operations in the hospitality industry in Stockholm, Sweden and has been in Management positions for multi-national corporations across the Scandinavian region. With over eight years experience within operations and customer service, Marcus is the Director of Operations at Middle East Dental Laboratory in Dubai since 2013. MDent is one of the biggest laboratories in the region and is well know for its quality and customer service. Marcus regularly keeps up to date attending courses and conferences both locally and abroad and representing Inman Aligner at exhibitions across the Middle East and India.

Marco Roy

Marco Roy graduated from theUniversity of Poznan with a degree in Dental Science at the age of 24 years.

He is doing a Post Doctorate PHD at the Poznan University of medical sciences in the field of dental implantology.

He is also Assistant Professor in the department of Implant prosthodontics.

He has published in reputed journals and has been actively participating in research groups.

Member of the IADR.

Member ofn the British society of oral and dental research BSODR

Active member of the Model Guide Academy of Computer Assisted Implantology.

Only Inman Aligner certified dentist in Poland.

Jason Smithson

Qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1995; achieving a number of awards including The Constance Klein Memorial, The Stafford Millar, and The Malcolm Jenkins Scholarships, The American Association of Endodontics Prize and the Overall Award for Clinical Dentistry.

After spending 3 years in oral surgery residency in London and a further year practicing restorative dentistry in London’s Harley Street Medical District, he relocated to Cornwall in the extreme southwest of England. Jason practices at Pure Dental Health and Wellbeing, Cornwall, UK where his main focus is microscope enhanced adhesive dentistry.

His specific interest is direct composite resin artistry and minimally invasive all ceramic restorations and he has presented to dentists locally, nationally and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe) on this topic. He is Clinical Director of The Post-Graduate Certificate in Restorative Dentistry at The Academy of Clinical Excellence in partnership with The Peninsula Dental School, Cornwall, UK and is a Post-Graduate Clinical Lecturer in both the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly and Plymouth Foundation Dental Practitioners Schemes.

He has given hands on programs in the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and USA on behalf of GC, Ivoclar, Kerr, Hereaus, Optident, Micerium, Carl Zeiss, Global, Velopex and Triodent. He is a UK “Opinion Leader” for Cosmedent (Enlighten Smiles), A European “Key Opinion Leader” for Hereaus-Kulzer and is a member of the European Restorative Advisory Board for GC Europe. Jason is Resident Faculty at The Centre for Esthetic Excellence, Chicago, USA. He is an Accredited International Trainer for Carl Zeiss Dental Academy.

Jason has achieved Diplomat Status in Restorative Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (England) and is a member of the “Bio-Emulation” Study Group: an international think-tank devoted to adhesive dentistry.

He is on the Editorial Board of The Russian Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and has published numerous articles on adhesive and aesthetic dentistry in both the UK and abroad.

Don Inman

Donal P Inman, CDT started Inman Orthodontic Laboratories, Inc. over 30 years ago. Inman Orthodontic is a full service laboratory in Coral Springs currently servicing the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. In 2000 Don designed the Inman Aligner after seeing a need in the market for a fast, effective appliance that would treat adult orthodontic relapse. In 2003 Don designed the Inman Power Component. The Inman Power Component is a spring loaded component that can be used in many types of orthodontic appliances from simple space regainers to advanced arch development appliances.

Don received the Harry Hagman award for both of his innovations in 2002 and in 2004 respectively and was recognized by the State of Florida by the Florida Governor’s New Product Award. He has been asked to speak at many state and regional dental meetings, including the AAO Annual Sessions, the CDS Midwinter Meetings, the FDLA and NADL meetings. Don’s goal is to move dental technology from a trade to a profession through education and attitude. He continues to work on new projects and technologies and to promote Inman Orthodontic Laboratories as one of the premier orthodontic laboratories in the nation.

Peter Gerdes

Michael Nix

  • Born Feb 16th 1971 Germany
  • Army Paratrooper Medic from 1990- 1991
  • Dental school at Georgia Augusta Goettingen / Germany
  • Graduated from Dental School in Dec 1997
  • Opend own clinic in 2006 in Duderstadt
  • Met Tif and Jens in 2013 , Certified User March 2013
  • 2nd German Inman Aligner Trainer Nov 2014

Continuing education since 2006 in Aestetics , Ortho, Impantology, Pediatric Dentistry and Team leading , Motivation and Marketing

Erik Nysvendsrud

Jens Nolte

med. dent
  • Born in Saarbrücken, 16. of May 1958
  • Languages: German, Danish, English Norwegian,
  • 1979 Abitur (high school graduation) private Boarding School „Internat der Eichenschule Scheeßel“
  • 1979-85 Studies in Business at „Georg-August Universität“ in Göttingen
  • 1985-87 German Air Force
  • 1987-92 Studies of dentistry at “Royal Dental College of Copenhagen”
  • 1994 Doctor degree at “ Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität” Mainz
  • 1992-1995 assistant doctor in private practice in Bad Segeberg
  • May 1995 settled as a dentist in new started clinic in Bad Segeberg. Clinic owner.
  • 1997 foundation of Logica-Dentis, service training company for dental device, concept consultancy and training for dentists and their Teams´.
  • 2005 removal to new clinic “Die Zahnarztpraxis am Landratspark”, with seminar facilities.
  • 2012 Inman Aligner Trainer Germany & Scandinavia


  • Prophylaxis & Parodontologie (1992 Copenhagen & 2004 Prof. Kleinfelder, Nijmegen)
  • Dental function and aesthetics (2009 DGÄZ)
  • Orthodontics ( 2013)

Kaj Karlsson

Kaj graduated from Helsinki University, Finland in 1982 and have since been working as a private practitioner in Helsinki. For the last 20 years he has been focusing on esthetic dentistry and rehabilitation of the masticatory system. His views on occlusion are very much based on the training in the Dawson Academy.

A growing frustration with the complicated and sometimes reluctant cooperation with orthodontists, inspired him and his partner in office to look for easier way to fix mainly preprosthetic tooth malpositions in the esthetic region. And the perfect solution was found in 2007, namely the Inman Aligner. Thus they being the first ones to introduce it in Finland. Gradually the need for prosthetic treatments in these cases has declined and instead the adaptation alignment and bonding concept have brought a huge increase in orthodontic treatments now ranging from the Inman Aligner to clear aligners and fixed STO.

Balancing the static work of clinical dentistry, he tries to keep moving in his free time, training for marathons and skiing. Not forgetting the pleasures of “la Dolce Vita”, with good food and wine. And of course the ever going process of continuous education, both teaching and especially learning. Quoting Pete Dawson: Dentistry is the greatest hobby in the world :). Kaj has also been active in the bords on several Finnish dental associations and is now the medical director of one of the biggest private healthcare companies in the country, with over 500 dentists and around 100 medical doctors.

Attilio Muscio

Graduated “cum Laude” in 1996 at the University of Modena - Italy, he has absolved extensive post gradual education with some of the most important names of Prosthetic and Esthetic Dentistry (M. Fradeani, L. Dalloca).

From 2000 he has been Head of the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry at Oral Design Center of Milan, until he moved to Modena where he has his private practice since 2008.

Inman Aligner certified user since 2011, he has been qualified Inman Aligner Trainer in 2014.

Active Certified Member since 2007 and General Secretary of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD).

He is author of many articles about Esthetics and lecturer in national and international congresses and courses.

His passion for arts has led him to the Graduation in Cello in 1997, after a ten-year course, at the Music Academy of Modena.

Richard Field

Richard Graduated from the University of Glasgow with Honours. During his foundation year he was awarded a Postgraduate certificate in Primary Care Dentistry from the University of Kent and also received the first prize for his end of year case presentation.

He has completed many post graduate courses including a one year course in Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry at Advanced Dental Seminars in London.

Richard has a keen interest in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and short term orthodontics. Through his passion and drive in these areas of dentistry, Richard has been invited to lecture internationally on ICON, an innovative solution for the treatment of white spots on teeth.

Richard is an active member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and sits on several committees including the Young Dentist and Education committees.

In 2014 Richard was awarded Best Young Dentist for the South and Best Overall Dentist UK at the Dentistry Awards.

Outside of Dentistry, Richard is very active and enjoys skiing and scuba diving.

Ross Nash

Ross W. Nash, DDS maintains a private practice in Huntersville, North Carolina where he focuses on esthetic dentistry. He graduated from North Carolina State University as a textile engineer and 4 years later went on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his dental degree graduating in 1978 at the age of 30. Dr. Nash has authored a chapter in two dental textbooks on esthetic dentistry and is a regular writer for several dental publications. An international lecturer on esthetic dentistry, he is a Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Diplomat on the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is also a member of the Charlotte Dental Society, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Nash is a consultant to numerous dental materials manufacturers.

Robbie Sehmi

Rami Chayah

Over the past ten years, I have quickly realized that the practice of Dental profession needs some changes. I was quickly taken by the world of esthetic “cosmetic” Dentistry and its rapid movement. Nevertheless, I recognized that the random aggressive cosmetic Dentistry is destroying the teeth. I strive to change the old global stereotype about dental fear. I believe that our mission as dentists is not only to practice dentistry but rather to change this kind of global stereotype about dentistry. By Choosing long and complex procedures and treatment modalities, high numbers of recalls and visits, painful surgical steps, we put our patients under pressure .Is it any wonder why more young people are avoiding dental works. It is such new systems and easy protocols that provide solutions to our profession helping us to make dentistry more conservative, more accessible and less stressful. Providing this kind of conservative ethical dentistry gives us the knowledge and tools to overcome old stereotypes and make a change. Probably this philosophy in my back head lead me to train and speak for Inman Aligner training LTD; the most conservative and ethical approach in cosmetic dentistry. The system gives us the opportunity to preserve enamel by aligning crooked teeth before smile makeovers in a very short period of time.

I devote about fifty percent of my time teaching, blogging, and researching various topics related to minimal invasive and cosmetic dentistry. My academic work is achieved through conducting continuing education courses in cosmetic and minimal invasive dentistry to other dentists in the Middle East and Worldwide.

To get more about my inspiration, philosophy and research you can visit my blog

To see more of my cases presentation on power point or Photoshop,

You can go to my Face book page

Photoshop is used for pictures processing only. No dental manipulation has been done.

Charlotte Nyby

Leading dentist and owner of Aalborg Tandplejeteam
Founder of New Holistic Dentistry(NHD)
Inman Aligner Trainer since 2012
Professional speaker
Finished 400+ Inman Aligner treatments

Based in Aalborg, Chalotte Nyby has been the founder and owner of Aalborg Tandplejeteam. Through more than 25 years Aalborg Tandplejeteam has continuously strived to explore, implement and improve both dental methods and management of dental practises.

At current date, the clinic employs a team of specialised dentists within orthodontics, parodontology, implants and general surgery. The 25 employees work interdisciplinary with a holistic mind-set and the philosophy of minimal invasive dentistry. This philosophy is dedicated to preserve and protect as much as possible of the natural teeth throughout a lifetime.

Having achieved great success with implementation of both, Charlotte Nyby organises an annual conference(NHD) dedicated to teach dental methods, management strategies and how to successfully implement these in a regular clinic.

Rikke Frietag

Gun Norrel

Santosh Patel

Santosh Patil is a 2001 BDS graduate (India) with 14 years of professional experience in general dental practice including 6 yrs clinical experience with dental practices in England. His special interests include Aesthetic/Cosmetic, Adhesive, Restorative & Laser dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Anxiety Management using Conscious Sedation, Hypnosis & Facial Acupuncture

His additional qualifications include PG Diploma - Clinical Dental Sciences (2007 - Queen Mary University of London), Certificate in Dental Acupuncture (2007 - British Medical Acupuncture Society), Diploma in Dental Hypnosis (2008 - Hypnosis Unit United Kingdom - University College London)

A trained IAS member, Santosh has successfully completed several challenging cases. Extensively practicing the IAS for 4 years has helped him develop specific aesthetic enhancement skills whilst upholding the traditional requirements of Orthodontics.

He has 4 years of clinical experience in diagnosis & management of facial pain at the Royal London Hospital of Integrated Medicine, London where he successfully applied acupuncture treatment for varied medical conditions such as TMJ, chronic facial pain, migraine etc.

His passion for teaching stems from the satisfaction he gains from helping others find success, with the use of hands-on activities, dental photography, technology & the internet he has trained / guided many dentists. As Clinical Ambassador & Certified Trainer for IAS India he conducts frequent courses - so far having steered 4 four trainings in 2014 recently held at Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. He has presented lectures to dental audiences in study groups in India and UK. His other interests include Calligraphy, Running, Cricket & TT.

His publications include:

  • Patil Santosh (2013) Minimally Invasive Orthodontics, The Dentist Magazine
  • Currently working on a series of clinical case studies on cases treated with IA

Nick Simon

Nick was one of the first dentists to offer cosmetic orthodontics in the UK and has treated over 1000 cases .

He was a former Mentor for the Six Month Smile company™ as well as the former UK Clinical director for Cfast, before he decided to join the IAS Academy in his present position as a ClearSmile Brace instructor. In his career, he has mentored and trained 100’s of dentists from around the world.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics .

Andy Wallace

Andrew Qualified from Queens University Belfast 1998 and has a private practice near Belfast in Northern Ireland UK.

Andrew has particular interest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and lectures regularly on cosmetic dentistry, including cosmetic tooth alignment, tooth whitening and is a trainer for Intelligent Alignment Systems, the group responsible for accrediting professional dental providers of the Inman Aligner system, and Clearsmile cosmetic orthodontic systems. Andrew was one of the first dentists in Ireland to use the aligner in 2008 and has been involved in the training side since 2011. As well as the accreditation course Andrew runs introductory talks and study clubs.

In 2014 Andrew completed his MClinDent in Prosthodontics (Fixed and Removable) from Kings College London dental institute and is the Vice President and a director of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics.

Andrew is an active Member of the Irish Academy Of Aesthetic Orthodontics and is on their conference committee and regional representative of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Pravesh Solanki

James Russell

James has been awarded the highly prestigious British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) Accreditation in recognition of excellence in cosmetic dentistry, the youngest dentist to achieve this.

James’ work has been widely published in the dental press and he regularly lectures and instructs dentists on the art and science of cosmetic dentistry both in the UK and abroad, recently he has

helped develop new techniques with the Inman Aligner to promote the provision of minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry.

His opinions and skills are heavily featured in magazines, on radio and since 2009 James has been the dental expert providing advice and treatment on Channel 4’s highly popular, BAFTA winning, Embarrassing Bodies program.

James is a director of Inman Aligner Training, the official providers of the Inman Aligner Certification course and is a global clinical opinion leader for Ivoclar Vivadent's E.max system.

Tim Bradstock Smith

Tif Qureshi

Tif Qureshi qualified from Kings College London in 1992. He is a Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and sits on the editorial board of Dental Update. Tif has a special interest in simple orthodontics using removable appliances and was the first dentist in the UK to pioneer the Inman Aligner. He was the first dentist in the world to use the Aligner as a major tool for cosmetic dentistry. Tif also pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment Bleaching, Bonding and is also an experienced teacher in the Dahl concept to assist in minimally invasive dentistry. Tif now lectures nationally and internationally and has had many articles published on all these subjects.

Angus Pringle

Angus fulfilled a life-long ambition to become an Orthodontist at the John Radcliffe Hospital In Oxford and UCL Eastman Dental Institute. He obtained his MSc in Orthodontics (with distinction) having achieved distinctions in both academic and clinical areas. He also achieved the Membership in Orthodontics of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He undertook further training to become a Hospital Consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and Bristol Dental School achieving the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship in Orthodontics, affiliating with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He then worked as a Orthodontic Consultant at St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester and Worthing Hospital until 2013.

Since 2013 Angus has worked in Specialist Orthodontic practice in Guildford, Winchester and Rustington. He has been active in training GDP’s in Orthodontic treatment and is always keen to help his colleagues and discuss orthodontics.

Nigel Bourne

Nigel graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1982. He is recognised as a Specialist in Orthodontics by the General Dental Council.

Nigel works primarily as an orthodontist within a large general dental practice in Lincoln. In addition, he has a post as a clinician in the Orthodontic Department of a local District General Hospital.

He has a special interest in adult orthodontics and has more than 20 years experience in this field. Nigel was involved at a local level with the development of the Dentist with a Special Interest (DwSI) scheme and was a mentor in the national scheme.

Nigel is a member of Lincolnshire LDC and was Chairman 2009-2013.

Interests outside of dentistry include rugby, sailing and skiing.

Anoop Maini

Anoop Maini has been offering cosmetic orthodontics to his patients for 7 years in London's West End . He has trained over a 1000 dentists internationally on this technique . He is the co-founder and immediate past president of the European society of aesthetic orthodontics and the past president of the British academy of Cosmetic dentistry .

David OMalley

BDS, B.A, BRad (BSc)

Dr. David O'Malley graduated from Trinity College Dublin Dental Hospital and School in 2009 and currently practices in Bendigo VIC. From the outset he was on the look out for new, innovative techniques and treatments for his patients. This led him to become a certified Inman Aligner user in 2010. David is now a certified Inman Aligner Trainer for Australia and New Zealand.

He has also continued to broaden his knowledge of Aesthetic Orthodontics utilising Aligners and short term fixed appliances.

With 5 years of very active Inman Aligner use he has treated a wide variety of cases. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on our IA forums.

Andrew Shelton

BDS(Ncle), MFDS RCS (Edin), MDentSci (Lds), MOrth RCS (Eng), FDS RCS (Eng/Gla)

After completing my undergraduate training in Newcastle in 2001 I progressed through vocational training and general professional training before embarking on two and half years of maxillofacial work. I started my orthodontic specialist training in 2006 and went on to conclude my training to consultant level in 2011 whilst working part time in specialist practice. I was awarded the MOrth clinical cases medal during my year of orthodontic training in 2009. My working week now is split between specialist practice and Montagu Hospital, Mexborough giving me a blend between primary and secondary care.

In specialist practice I complete a range of orthodontic cases both on a private basis and as part of NHS treatment. I use a multitude of orthodontic systems, from simple fixed, to aligners, to fully customized lingual systems with each system being tailored to the malocclusion. In my consultant role in secondary care my main focus is on orthognathic treatment.

Ross Hobson


Ross graduated from the University of Newcastle, has Fellowships from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Glasgow, Edinburgh and England. His MDOrth is from the RCPS Glasgow). He was the first dentist to be awarded the prestigious Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

He has worked in Birmingham, Dundee, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Sheffield dental schools. His specialist orthodontic training was completed in Dundee. From 1992 to 2009 he was at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, as Senior lecturer/Consultant, Head of Department and the MSc/ Specialist training program in orthodontics. He has published over 60 refereed articles on Orthodontics, hypodontia, dental materials and education.

He was Chair of CCDAS (the BDA academic committee) and a members of the BDA Executive Board from 2004-2008. He was awarded the BDA Fellowship in recognition of his work for the profession in 2010.

Ross resigned from Newcastle Dental School in April 2009 to Establish Windmill Dental Suite, the NE of England’s first private multi disciplinary specialist practice. In 2012 he and his partners established Windmill Orthodontic Group with 5 practices across the North of England. He was appointed to the Chair in Orthodontics at UClan in 2012 to develop part time specialist orthodontic training in primary care. Windmill Orthodontic Group now has 7 practices. In 2011 he and Lester Ellman launched the Oralign and they were joined by Stephen Gallagher in 2013 providing specialist orthodontic advice and appliances for GDP to deliver orthodontics to their own patients

In his spare time Ross is an international yachtsman, holding a number of major race wins and records including the 2 handed Round Britain and Ireland race, The Transat Jacques Vabre, and the Bermuda to UK transatlantic world record.

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