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There are several ClearSmile Brace courses run by the IAS Academy.

ClearSmile Brace

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This is the first step onto the ClearSmile Brace pathway.

The course has been designed for those with limited or no fixed orthodontic experience.

The aim of the course is to educate delegates on diagnosis, case selection and how to undertake appropriate cases that reflect their competency.

It is best to think of this not just as a 2 day course as just the start of a journey of education via our online support and more advanced courses.

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Case #1

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  • 10 Weeks
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Topics covered include:

Day 1 (Lecture)

  • Differences between Anterior Aesthetic Orthodontics and
  • Comprehensive orthodontics
  • Orthodontic assessment and records
  • Diagnosis and Treatment planning
  • SpacewizeTM analysis
  • ArchwizeTM Preview Consent
  • Principles of straight wire orthodontics
  • Indirect bonding
  • Crowding cases
  • Interproximal reduction techniques
  • Spaced cases
  • Unique IAS Fixed wire sequences including torquing
  • Review appointments
  • Deep bites
  • Blocked out teeth
  • High Canines
  • Difficult rotations
  • Controlling proclination
  • One arch treatments
  • Case finishing
  • Case Submission Protocols

Day 2 (Hands-on, case exercises and lecture )

  • Introduction to orthodontic instruments
  • Hands on exercises on typodonts
  • CSA Light Protocols
  • CSA Light Hands-on
  • Retention
  • Occlusion
  • Consent process
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Mentoring and online support
  • Case reviews
  • Keys to successful implementation
  • Case planning exercises

ClearSmile Conversion Course

For those dentists who have existing fixed orthodontic experience via other systems, you can choose to take either the two-day certification course or you may wish to take the ClearSmile Braces Conversion Course, a one-day lecture based course.

This course is designed to fast-track you into the IAS Academy and understand the IAS and ClearSmile Brace digital protocols for case assessment, diagnostics, case submission along with providing you with new information on contemporary orthodontic treatment from some of the leading educators in GDP orthodontics.

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ClearSmile Lingual

Meet Our Trainers

This course is designed for more experienced users to learn how to treat simple (incisors only) cases with lingual orthodontics. This can be seen as a fixed version of the Inman Aligner.

The course is comprised of detailed lecture and hands-on components.

Delegates must have completed at one of the ClearSmile Brace course any treated over 20 cases before they can enrol on this course.

ClearSmile Advanced

The ClearSmile Advanced course is a comprehensive orthodontic course that will train dentists how to treat the whole dentition including complex cases.

This course is recommended for dentists who are currently treating a minimum of ten fixed orthodontic cases per annum. This will ensure that you have enough cases for sufficient caseflow and experience.

The intake is limited to twelve delegates per course. Delegates will receive specialist orthodontist teaching and individual case supervision from Professor Ross Hobson.

The course consists of six modules over eighteen days. The first session is an introduction to the ClearSmile Brace system to ensure that all delegates are familiar with our digital diagnostic protocols and support.

Lecture / Seminar / PracticalRecords, Assessment, problems lists and diagnosis
Lecture / PracticalFixed appliances - typodont, placement, archwire
Lecture / Seminar / PracticalRemovables - design, adjustment and use
Lecture / Seminar / PracticalFunctionals - design, adjustment and use
Lecture / SeminarTreatment planning 1 (Class I and Class II div1)
Lecture / SeminarTreatment planning 2 (Class II div 2 and Class III )
Lecture / Seminar / PracticalRadiography - Ceph/OPG/CBCT
Lecture / SeminarAetiology of malocclusion, Growth & Development
Lecture / SeminarDevelopment of dentition, interceptive & tooth movement
Lecture / SeminarDental Material & Biomechanics
Lecture / Seminar / PracticalRetention
Lecture / SeminarOrtho, Multidisciplinary, incl. Restorative
Lecture / Seminar / PracticalCritical Reading skills, Health Education and audit
Lecture / SeminarIT&C skills, Practice management, H&S, Legislation

The ClearSmile Advanced course is a certificate course with verifiable CPD hours. The teaching follows the guidelines of training with literature reviews, specialist case supervision and the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index assessment of treated cases to form a personal portfolio. This will show a level of competency in the field of orthodontics.

Advanced Case #1

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