Appointment Sequence



The consultation is your first step towards improving your smile. You'll be able to see a portfolio of treatment with ClearSmile Brace to give you a feel for achievable results. Your dentist will take a full history and listen to how you would like to change your smile.

You and your dentist can plan your goals of treatment together. Your dentist will explain how ClearSmile Brace works and how treatment will progress. A full treatment plan will be provided along with likely timescales, fees and finance options. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this stage.

When you are ready to start treatment, a series of records are taken including photos, x-rays and impressions of your teeth. The ClearSmile laboratory will scan your models and use the Spacewize™ calculation to design your new smile using a 3d digital software. This Archwize™ virtual set-up can be emailed to you and your dentist to confirm and consent to the treatment plan.

Braces Fitting Appointment

Once you have consented to treatment, the ClearSmile Brace aesthetic brackets are bonded to your teeth using a special adhesive. Then hi-tech flexible archwires are attached to the brackets. These wires will generate gentle forces that will start to gradually move your teeth into position.

Full instructions on brace care, diet and oral hygiene will be given. You will be able to ask any questions you have. Then you will book your first adjustment appointment usually about four weeks later.

Brace Adjustment Appointments

The adjustment appointments are usually 15-30 minutes long every 4-6 weeks until your teeth are full aligned. At these appointments, space is created to allow movement and the archwires are replaced to generate appropriate tooth movements. Once you are happy with the results, impressions are taken to create a custom retainer.

Braces Removal

At this appointment, your braces are quickly and gently removed with a specially designed instrument. Your teeth are then cleaned and polished to leave a smooth surface. Your retainers are also fitted at this appointment to prevent relapse. Photos and final impressions are taken to record the final result. Full aftercare instructions are given and a retainer review appointment is scheduled. The whole appointment takes about an hour.

You’ll now be able to enjoy your wonderful new smile!

Retainer Review

At your retainer review appointment, the positions of your teeth and retainer are fully checked to ensure long-term stability and prevent relapse. Further occasional reviews are also recommended. Assessment of aesthetics and potential additional treatments are discussed.

Further Improvements

Any additional treatments such as whitening, contouring or bonding are often carried out to complete the final aesthetic result.


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